Today’s world is built up by a variety of different ways of life, based on a postmodern potpourri of teleological, philosophical, ideological and theological concepts.

In contemporary life we are influenced by such a variety of concepts concerning life, traditions, believes and worlds, we are constantly oscillating in between these concepts to finally create our own reality.

Since the last century there has not been a “Big story”, a “Meta–story”. All those “fundamental systems” have failed. In consequence humans are bound to search an orientation in a life that has got blurring boundaries. In this sense men in a way became nomads in life in analogy to the Spanish gypsies. Passing through a variety of “Worlds” with their different impacts, humans are always creating rhythms of life in order to found a basic structure of being.

In this performance we will rhythmically follow the path of the gypsies by researching the power of the different rhythms of Flamenco in a context of contemporary life. Those rhythms combined with accord structures, improvisations of Jazz like music, texts and video-pictures enable  another layer that reflects, expresses and in the best sense restructures our live.
Through this process changing modules will be created, as impressions blurring between familiar and unfamiliar.

Strange and near at the same time. “Can we cross the border?”

Interlace are:
Aurelia Baumgartner – Idea, Choreography, Dance, Video
Jairo Amaya – Dance
Franz Schledorn – Trombone
Ken Weinzierl – Guitar
Markus Wagner – Bass, Composition, Arrangement